Common area with Plaster, Mould-making and Wood-working facilities in "Hal 1"

"Hal 1"

"Hal 1"

Foundry in "Hal 2" - primarily for, but not limited to, casting Bronze and Aluminium 

Casting-mould with Aluminium

Common area on 1st floor

The Corner-office

Common area on 1st floor

Facilities in 51cth

300 m2 common workspace area, (mainly for - but not restricted to sculptural works) with bronze casting, metal workshop, wood workshop, small ceramic oven and dust free area for delicate pictorial and sculptural works.


200 m2 outdoor common workspace area, as well as 20m2 tent for works with stone, toxic/dusty materials etc.

More info and photos coming soon, last updated 13. mar. 2019



Address: Industrivej 51c, th, 4000 Roskilde

E-mail: 51cth@51cth.dk

Phone: +45 20 68 46 01

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